Mooresville – Race City USA

Mooresville is a town located in the southern part of Iredell County of North Carolina and part of the “Metrolina” metro area of North and South Carolina. Mooresville is best known as home to numerous NASCAR racing teams and drivers, and the reason it acquired its nickname “Race City USA.”

In 1980, 62 buildings and 8 sites in the central business district and surrounding residential sections of Mooresville were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Designated historical sites include Mount Mourne Plantation, Johnson-Neel House, Cornelius House, and Espy Watts Brawley House, as well as many others in the downtown commercial district.


According to history in 1856, a railroad was constructed on a natural ridge that ran through the land of a local farmer by the name of John Franklin Moore. A small-scale farmer, Moore set up a train depot on his land and encouraged others to help establish a small village on the location in the late 1850s. The little village, known as Moore's Siding was born.

However, shortly after the Civil War, John Franklin Moore saw the need for the village to incorporate into a town. The town was incorporated as Mooresville in 1873. The area that would develop into the town of Mooresville was originally settled by English, German, and Scot-Irish families who moved into the area from nearby Rowan County, as well as Virginia, and Pennsylvania according to historians.

Points of Interest – Things To Do

Must see attractions in Mooresville include the Memory Lane Motorsports and Historical Automotive Museum and the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Lake Norman State Park is also nearby, where you can enjoy fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. The Lazy 5 Ranch offers wagon rides and a petting zoo where visitors can see domestic and exotic animals from six continents. Want to cruise Lake Norman? Queen’s Landing features sightseeing, lunch, dinner, holiday and themed moonlight cruises aboard a modern-day replica of a Mississippi River paddleboat.

Whether you're a NASCAR fan, an avid outdoorsperson, or simply looking for a beautiful place to live and hang your hat, Mooresville at Lake Norman has a lot to offer residents and guests and is a wonderful place to call home in North Carolina.

Neighborhoods (homes)

  • The Point (814)
  • Meck Neck (594)
  • Hager Creek (531)
  • Morrison Plantation (511)
  • The Harbour (373)
  • Beacon Pointe (363)
  • Commodore Penninsula (291)
  • Waterlynn (272)
  • The Villages At Oak Tree (263)
  • Mallard Head (260)
  • Winslow Bay (248)
  • Harbor Cove (212)
  • The Farms (211)
  • The Farms (208)
  • Bridgeport (201)
  • Meeting Street Towns (201)
  • Long Camp (191)
  • Pinnacle Shores (189)
  • Lake Norman Airpark (187)
  • Water Oak Lake Norman (186)
  • Brantley Place (170)
  • Reed Creek (168)
  • Big Indian Loop (159)
  • Ewood (158)
  • Glynwater (156)
  • Byers Creek (152)
  • Queens Cove (141)
  • Lakeside (139)
  • Woodland Hills (138)
  • Lake Norman Yacht Club (137)
  • Cypress Landing (136)
  • Brookhaven (132)
  • Greene Croft (131)
  • Shavenders Bluff (129)
  • Waterlynn Place Townhomes (127)
  • Lakeview (126)
  • Morrison Cove (125)
  • Bay Crossing (114)
  • Stumpy (113)
  • Wyndham Shores (113)
  • Woodleaf (111)
  • Bonanza Park (107)
  • Bayview Estates (106)
  • Apple House (104)
  • Pine Isle (104)
  • Pirates Cove (104)
  • The Meadows (104)
  • Sundown Cove (103)
  • Regency Lake Village (100)